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What we do

WHAT WE DO PAGE MAIN GRAPHICWe collaborate with a network of clinicians, other health and social care professionals, patient organisations and individuals to develop evidence-based guidelines.

Our guidelines are based on a systematic review of the scientific literature and are aimed at aiding the translation of new knowledge into action. The guidelines are intended to:

  • help health and social care professionals and patients understand medical evidence and use it to make decisions about healthcare
  • reduce unwarranted variations in practice and make sure patients get the best care available, no matter where they live
  • improve healthcare across Scotland by focusing on patient-important outcomes.

We produce patient booklets that are a lay translation of the clinical guidelines. The booklets explain the recommendations in the clinical guideline and help to make patients aware of the treatment they should expect to receive. They are intended to:

  • help patients and carers understand the latest evidence about diagnosis, treatment and self care
  • empower patients to participate fully in decisions about management of their condition in discussion with healthcare professionals
  • highlight where there are areas of uncertainty in the management of their condition.



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