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SIGN Council

SIGN Council is the policy-making body for SIGN with overall responsibility for methodology and editorial policy.

Members of SIGN Council are nominated by particular Royal Colleges or other professional organisations or committees, but also represent their specialty or discipline in a wider sense and consult with other specialist societies in their field. Public partners are identified from an open call for interested individuals.

Members of SIGN Council determine the overall direction of SIGN’s development and play a key role in shaping the SIGN guideline programme. Some are also actively involved in aspects of the guideline development process and all provide input into the selection of topics for guideline development and the composition of guideline development groups.

SIGN Council meets three times a year and the papers are made available after each meeting.

All members of SIGN Council make yearly declarations of interest according to our Policy on Declaration of Competing Interests, which can be found in the Register of Interests. Updates are recorded after each SIGN Council meeting.

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