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Risk estimation and the prevention of cardiovascular disease


In 2015, 15% of adults aged 16 and over had any form of cardiovascular disease (CVD), which represents an estimated 670,000 people living with CVD in Scotland.

Both incidence and prevalence of CVD are higher amongst men, the elderly and in deprived areas of Scotland. Cardiovascular disease caused more than a quarter of all deaths in Scotland in 2015.

Remit and target users

This guideline deals with the management of cardiovascular risk, both primary prevention, defined as the potential for intervention prior to the disease presenting through a specified event (any incident linked to critical disruption of blood flow that may cause damage to the heart, brain or peripheral tissues), and secondary prevention, defined as the potential for intervention after an event has occurred.

This guideline will be of particular interest to healthcare professionals involved in the management of patients with cardiovascular disease including cardiologists, dietitians, general practitioners, lipidologists, pharmacists, physiotherapists, practice nurses, psychologists and public health staff, as well as patients, carers, voluntary organisations and policy makers.

How this guideline was developed

This guideline was developed using a standard methodology based on a systematic review of the evidence. Further details can be found in SIGN 50: A Guideline Developer’s Handbook.

Keeping up to date

This guideline was published in 2017 and will be considered for review in three years. The review history, and any updates to the guideline in the interim period, will be noted in the review report.

If you are aware of any new evidence that would update this guideline please complete a change request form and return to:

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SIGN 149 July 2017
ISBN 978 1 905813 52 8

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