Evaluating SIGN guideline implementation

One way of assessing the impact of implementation activities and to find out whether implementing a guideline is improving outcomes is to use a logic model.

A logic model is a tool that graphically describes the steps being taken to implement a guideline (or any improvement programme) and links the individual actions with short term and long term outcomes. The power of logic models is in the measures and indicators providing evidence that individual implementation activities lead to the desired outcomes. Logic models are therefore valuable evaluation tools as they can provide evidence of impact.

For more background on logic models, visit the University of Wisconsin- Extension website: http://www.uwex.edu/ces/pdande/evaluation/evallogicmodel.html

SIGN has developed a generic guideline implementation logic model as a resource for guideline implementers. The Logic model is available in MSWord format to allow adaption to fit local needs.


If you find this model useful, please send us feedback on: hcis.SIGNaudit@nhs.net

We would also be interested in receiving copies of your adapted models and any outcome data you record.

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