General information

The guidelines are available as Quick Reference Guides and Full Guidelines. Both versions are held in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) (info) cross-platform format.

Acrobat PDF symbolWhen you see the Adobe Acrobat sign you can click on it to view the guideline document in printable format.

Several of the more recent guidelines are also available in HTML format, these do not require the Acrobat PDF viewer and can be read online.

NHS organisations within the UK intending to download guidelines for use on their intranets should register their intention with the SIGN Quality & Information Director. email the SIGN information officer Registered organisations will be notified each time new or updated guidelines are added to the site.

The Quick Reference Guides and the Guidelines from which they are derived, are not intended to be construed or to serve as standards of medical care, further details about the guidelines are available.

Please read our copyright statement which sets out the limitations on use of these guidelines.

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