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SIGN Audit Tools developed by HEATHCARE PROFESSIONALS in Training

SIGN guidelines provide an ideal framework for audit. They define current evidence based practice, against which local practice may be compared and measured. Practice can then be adjusted and re-audited to test for improvement.

All of our audit tools have been piloted by volunteer groups of healthcare professionals in training, to whom we are very grateful. This has ensured their usability and relevance. They are simple to follow, based on a tick-box format, with scores and sub-scores that are easily collated. 

Over repeated cycles, these may be compiled on our data feedback forms.

Our tools are available in downloadable format, and may be used as a standalone, local aid to audit.  Prior to using an audit form, there is a disclaimer form which MUST be completed, printed and kept for your records. 

Helping SIGN – and achieving certification

You may wish simply to download our tools, and by clicking the register button, you are informing SIGN of your intention to complete the audit. There is, however, also an option to return data to SIGN, and we would encourage this where feasible.

Returning the summary form from a minimum of two completed audit cycles will issue a certificate of completion from SIGN, for inclusion in training portfolios. NES supports our work, and will recognise completed audit cycles as a significant educational achievement. 

What this may achieve

It is hoped that our tools will help achieve multiple purposes to:

  1. aid in checking local standards against evidence based practice
  2. allow an individual to acquire audit skills, and to complete a project over two or more cycles, providing significant CV enhancement
  3. provide individual healthcare professionals with a certificate of educational achievement, recognised by NES
  4. provide SIGN with data on implementation of guidelines, audit being likely to raise awareness, precipitating necessary change in practice
  5. raise standards of clinical care, using PDSA methodology to enhance compliance with evidence based practice.

Locally identifiable data will not be displayed on the public website.

We welcome feedback, and suggestions for improvement (
A full list of tools and more information about the SIGN healthcare professionals in training group is available.


Please let us know if you have audited local practice and would be willing to share your audit with the SIGN healthcare professionals in training group. We can help get your audit tools and local results to a wider audience.



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